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The Best Things To Say During A Sales Call

Avoid Struggling Through Awkward Blow-off Attempts From Your Prospects With A Killer Sales Call Opening

The opening seconds of a sales call – in-person or on the phone – are the most critical.

For you to get your prospect past the "I'm not interested," or "I have no need for that" stage – you must get them interested enough in your opening that you get the opportunity to make your presentation or at the very least, get them to commit to continuing the conversation at a specific time and date.

Inside this guide you'll find two rock-solid scripts that show you how to combat initial brush-off attempts and create intrigue to continue the conversation, plus:

  • 4 characteristics of a successful opening
  • 2 ways to immediately create credibility and value
  • Why scrapping the single selling message approach and replacing it with this is critical to the success of your call