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38 Ready-Made Email Templates To Open Doors

Prospecting new leads via email can feel daunting.

Cold emails need to have a killer subject line that grab attention, enough personalization to show you didn’t just merge their name into a template, offer relevant information to your potential client – all while being short and to the point.

You don't have time to write individual emails to each and every prospect that includes all of those things without taking up hours of your work day you could spend on other things you need to get done.

To help, we’ve compiled 38 ready-to-use email templates (with subject lines) backed by industry research & insights from experts on the most effective, must-have elements to improve results and get your prospecting emails open (and read) to save you time.

Inside you’ll discover simple plug and play templates for:

  • Making a first connection (4 templates)
  • Reaching out to little-known prospects (8 templates)
  • Connecting with referrals (3 templates)
  • Comparing yourself to a competitor (2 templates)
  • Following up with prospects (7 templates)
  • And more …